Have you been struggling with your weight? I sure have.

As I approach middle age with two young kids, and a business to run, it is hard to make time and find the energy to work out.

Dealing with my sons chronic illness, owing my own business, trying to juggle wife, mom, practitioner...it all adds up and my health began to suffer. It is hard trying to plan every meal, especially one that will help you lose the weight you want to lose. 

     I found an amazing program that my husband and I have both been on and have lost the weight we wanted and we are able to maintain the weight loss through changing our eating habits and enjoying the healthy cooking that we learned on the program. 

     This program provides all your food for the day except one meal. This has taken so much stress off, and has allowed me more time to focus on the other areas of my life.  The meals you prepare on your own are simple and usually take less than 20 min to cook.  Which is so important when you are getting home late and have to maintain an active household. 

It couldn't be easier to maintain the weight loss all while you learn how to make flavorful amazing healthy meals.

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